Vision and Mission

With a mission to provide the best possible education experience through excellence in teaching and research activities. Acclaimed as one of the best equipped institution, HKBKCE has in a relatively short span of time, earned a name as one of the premier institution in the country imparting world class technical and management education.



  •   To be recognized as a leader committed to Academic Excellence in Education, Research and Innovation that meets the aspirations of the world.


  •   To be known globally for education, research, and innovation
  •   Be the most preferred choice of students, faculty and industry
  •   Be in the top 10 college in India for education in engineering and management.


The first signs of environment consciousness on the HKBK campus are easy to spot:

  •   HKBK Institutions is a No Smoking campus.
  •   All vehicles entering the campus are required to have a ‘Pollution under Control’ certificate.
  •   Lung spaces are clearly visible with plenty of green cover.

More Green Initiatives are being planned for wastewater treatment as well as recycling and rainwater harvesting in a decentralized manner. Out of the total solid waste generated in the campus separating organic and inorganic waste is being planned and reviewing the available technology that can co-generate biomass energy from our organic waste.


We believe that innovation is a critical and constant requirement, as well as an expected trait for all involved in our vision and mission.