HKBK College of Engineering, Bangalore is well equipped with all the types of facilities that a world class engineering college should have for the students to get admission. HKBK College of Engineering offers the best facilities for overall development of students along with spaces for recreation and relaxation. The HKBKGI is proud of its computerized services - every single computer in the campus is connected and provides internet access.

The students have access to various sports facilities such as basketball courts, badminton, football and a cricket field.


Our football team is one of the finest. Our Football team participated in various events during this session and came out with flying colors


We had both girls’ and boys’ volleyball teams playing for HKBK College of Engineering in various inter-college tournaments.


Our men’s basketball team lifted many winning trophies


Our present cricket team is one of the best team we have ever had. This team participated in many tournaments in the state. Our cricket team expecting more participation next time and we expect favorable results from them.

Table Tennis

Our tennis team won many championships happened across the state.


We also have some fine athletes in our Department of sports.