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    HKBK - Physiotherapy


    HKBK College of Physiotherapy is One of the Best Physiotherapy Colleges in Bangalore.HKBK College Of Physiotherapy has been designed with the main objective of nurturing the students to develop in-depth Knowledge to make a mark in the highly volatile healthcare market.


    The BPT course is designed to meet the international standards and is recognised by the IAP and accepted by regulatory bodies abroad. The program is taught by qualified faculty and has a balanced exposure of both academic and clinical training. The undergraduate program is for four and a half years with a well-organised curriculum and delivery modes emphasising on evidence based practices.

    Career opportunities

    • Industries (industrial health)
    • Special schools
    • Health and fitness clinics
    • Multinational companies for fitness of their employers
    • Wherever people are at risk of injury from their occupation or activity.


    Clinical Postings

    All the students from 2nd year to 4th year will have clinical postings of three hours duration every day from 9 A.M. to 01.00 P.M. in different clinical and Physiotherapy departments in specialty hospitals.


    Internship is a phase of training where in a graduate is expected to conduct actual practice of Physiotherapy and Healthcare and acquire skills under direct supervision of Senior Faculty member, so that he/shall may become capable of functioning independently.

    Placement Opportunities

    • Multi-Specialty Hospitals/ Nursing Homes/ Rehabilitation Centres
    • Team Physiotherapist in various sports & Sports & fitness Centres
    • Research and Development works in the pharmaceutical companies and institutional laboratories
    • Teaching Faculty in Colleges and University.
    • Schools for mentally retarded and physically disabled children
    • Defense medical establishments
    • Medical Underwriting
    • Excellent jobs opportunities in countries like USA, Australia and Canada.
    • Health Departments
    • Self-Entrepreneurship
    • Airlines and Railways
    • Counselors in Schools
    • Non-Governmental Organizations
    • Food Industry
    • Consultant for Multinational Companies
    • Quantity food service establishments
    • Health and Wellness industries
    • International Organizations (UNICEF, UNDP, WHO)


    BPT Government and Private Jobs:

    Government and private sectors recruit lots of physiotherapists nowadays as work stress is on the rise and health of an individual are being given the primary importance. Government hospitals and medical research centres are the main sources of government jobs for physiotherapists.

    Few other job sources are:

    • Factories
    • Defence Medical Establishments
    • Research Centres
    • Hospitals
    • Community Health Centres
    • Sports Clubs



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