Mechanical Engineering
College in Bangalore


4 Years, 8 Semesters

Case studies and problem-based learning, brainstorming, group discussions, industrial training seminars and projects.


Placed in organizations specialising in products and services

Related to automobile industry, software solutions, product and technology.


Pass in 10+2, A Level, IB, American 12th grade

Equivalent with Physics, Mathematics and English as compulsory subjects.

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Mechanical Engineering

The mechanical engineering department at HKBK College of Engineering continually strives to achieve excellence in academics and industry-oriented research to prepare the globally competitive professionals. The institute offers the best mechanical engineering degree program and provides training in different fields of specializations so that the candidates can get employment immediately after their graduation.

The institute’s mechanical engineering department is supported by a team of well-experienced and qualified faculties that train the students for global industry with their real-world experiences. The department emphasizes on high-quality teaching and practical training. Being one of the best mechanical engineering colleges in Bangalore, HKBK offers the best learning environment to the students and focuses on their overall personality development and growth. The department boasts of well-equipped laboratories and workshop that cater to all the requirements of students.

The institute aims to:
• Impart quality education in mechanical engineering to the students
• Develop state-of-the-art research facilities for the students to excel in the competitive world
• Develop a professional potential for society

The undergraduate mechanical engineering program at HKBK provides a broad scientific and technical knowledge in this field. The specialization is provided in:
• Automatic controls
• Fluid mechanics
• Applied mechanics
• Thermodynamics
• Robotics
• Manufacturing system
• Mass transfer
• Mechanical design and many more subjects.

During the first two years of the program, the coursework emphasizes on physics, chemistry, mathematics, materials, computing, statistics and graphics. In the last two years, the emphasis is put on the mechanics of solids and fluids, heat transfer, manufacturing, instrumentation, system synthesis and thermodynamics.

Modern computing facilities are provided to the students at CAD and CAM labs. HKBK College of Engineering also offer good placement opportunities to the students and have tie-ups with big industry players.


  • Duration: 4 years
  • Semester I and II: Common for all branches

ELIGIBILITY for Mechanical Engineering

  • Qualification: Pass in 10+2, A Level, IB, American 12th grade or equivalent with Physics, Mathematics and English as compulsory subjects along with Chemistry or Electronics or Computer Science with a minimum of 45% marks taken together in Physics, Mathematics and any one of the optional subjects.
  • Candidates can apply both under General and Foreign/NRI categories


There Mechanical Engineers get decent jobs in automobile industry, space research, energy, aeronautical, air conditioning, medical industry, turbine manufacturing plants, oil and gas plants.
Few job avenues are highlighted below:

  • Aerospace industry – researches, designs, manufactures, operates and maintains aircraft
  • Automotive industry – designs, manufactures, distributes and markets motor vehicles
  • Chemical industry – covers oil companies, chemicals manufacturers and the businesses that support them (e.g. to build new plants or develop new process technologies)
  • Construction industry – designs and builds infrastructure, buildings and buildings services (e.g. heating and ventilation)
  • Defence industry – provides equipment, support and services for the armed forces and national security
  • Electronics industry – designs and manufactures components and complete equipment for sectors from automotive to medicine and the military
  • Fast moving consumer goods industry – manufactures products such as household cleaning items, personal hygiene goods and convenience foods
  • Marine industry – develops and helps operate vessels
  • Materials and metals industry – activities include developing new materials and manufacturing components or end products
  • Pharmaceuticals industry – develops and manufactures drugs
  • Rail industry – designs, constructs, manages and maintains rail system components from trains and tracks to electrical power systems and train control systems
  • Utilities industry – helps supply power, water, waste management and telecoms

B. Mahboob Tabriz

B. Mahboob Tabriz

Head of the Department


Department of Mechanical Engineering continues to be the cornerstone in the institution and is spearheading the institute’s fetish for excellence in academic, co-curricular and extra-curricular fronts. The department is leading from the front to bolster the scores against all evaluation criteria to defend the NBA Accreditation and Certification and to transform the institution to autonomous status which will be a milestone and new horizon in the track record.

Department of Mechanical Engineering owns a spanking infrastructure encompassing R& D facilities and laboratories,administered and maintained to train and tune students with operational preparedness of engineering equipment and functioning systems. The department conducts a host of other scholastic programs such as engineering seminars, inter collegiate symposiums and technical workshops, transcending beyond the academic realms to fortify their finishing school skills.

Department of Mechanical Engineering boasts of the services of thoroughbred faculty members, many of whom are with hands-on experience from diverse engineering industries and IT services. The industry experience of faculty members has manifested in facilitating Mechanical Engineering department to execute sterling projects in the recent past that has drawn the attention of visiting student from far flung colleges and electronic and print media during the annual project exposition in college blocks. Projects like Triauto bike have won awards in public exhibitions which reflects the acumen of the department guides and zest and zeal of students.


  •   To nurture creativity and critical thinking in applying engineering skills to analyze and face the fast growing globalization.
  •   To develop holistic personality of the learners and to create professionally superior and ethically strong global manpower.
  •   To create center of excellence in research and development.


  •   The mission of the department is to transform students into world class mechanical engineers by providing a high quality engineering education through effective teaching learning process and creation of new knowledge so as to make them highly professional.
  •   To offer a well-balanced programme of instruction, practical experience, and opportunities for overall personality development.
  •   To shape the students as disciplined humane engineers who can build a strong, peaceful and dynamic country.

Program Educational Objectives (PEOs)

    PEO-1 : Engineering Education and Work Force: To Impart knowledge to become graduate in Mechanical Engineering with needed abilities to pursue higher studies or work in the Industries in a global scenario.
    PEO-2 : Learned Competent Individual: To enable the students to be highly and professionally competent Mechanical Engineers with in depth knowledge in engineering fundamentals.
    PEO-3 : Multi-disciplinary Expertise: To enable the students to become effective collaborators and innovators, leading or participating in efforts to address social, technical and business challenges.
    PEO-4 : Global Moral Responsibility: To enable Mechanical engineering graduates to function in a truly professional way, with ethical concern to meet the needs of society and serve with humane approach.
    PEO-5 : Inculcate Learning Ability: To motivate the Mechanical engineering graduates to be engaged in lifelong learning process and professional development through self-study, continuing education and professional studies in engineering.


    PSO-1 : Students are able to perpetually thrive on their knowledge of engineering fundamentals and emerging technologies to conceptualize and design engineering components, equipment’s, systems and processes.
    PSO-2 :Students are imparted with hands-on skills to execute innovative projects, solve complex engineering problems, perform research and development activities, transcending beyond the academic realms.
    PSO-3 : Students are educated about administrative practices, professional ethics and communication skills and groomed to fit industrial requirements involving interdisciplinary roles to serve the society.
PO – 1 :
Engineering Knowledge
Apply knowledge of mathematics, science, engineering fundamentals and an engineering specialization to the solution of complex engineering problems.
PO – 2 :
Problem Analysis
Identify, formulate, research literature and analyze complex engineering problems reaching substantiated conclusions using first principles of mathematics, natural sciences and engineering sciences.
PO – 3 :
Design/ Development of Solutions
Design solutions for complex engineering problems and design system components or processes that meet specified needs with appropriate consideration for public health and safety, cultural, societal and environmental considerations.
PO – 4 :
Conduct investigations of complex problems
Using research-based knowledge and research methods including design of experiments, analysis and interpretation of data and synthesis of information to provide valid conclusions.
PO – 5 :
Modern Tool Usage
Create, select and apply appropriate techniques, resources and modern engineering and IT tools including prediction and modeling to complex engineering activities with an under- standing of the limitations.
PO – 6 :
The Engineer and Society
Apply reasoning informed by contextual knowledge to assess societal, health, safety, legal and cultural issues and the consequent responsibilities relevant to professional engineering practice.
PO – 7 :
Environment and Sustainability
Understand the impact of professional engineering solutions in societal and environmental contexts and demonstrate knowledge of and need for sustainable development.
PO – 8 :
Apply ethical principles and commit to professional ethics and responsibilities and norms of engineering practice.
PO – 9 :
Individual and Team Work
Function effectively as an individual, and as a member or leader in diverse teams and in multi disciplinary settings.
PO – 10 :
Communicate effectively on complex engineering activities with the engineering community and with society at large, such as being able to comprehend and write effective reports and design documentation, make effective presentations and give and receive clear instructions.
PO – 11 :
Life-long Learning
Recognize the need for and have the preparation and ability to engage in independent and life- long learning in the broadest context of technological change.
PO – 12 :
Project Management and Finance
Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of engineering and management principles and apply these to one’s own work, as a member and leader in a team, to manage projects and in multidisciplinary environments.
Sl.No Staff Name Designation Qualification Experience
1 Dr. MuzzamilAhamed. S Principal BE, M.E, PhD 36
2 B. Mahboob Tabriz Professor & HOD BE, M.E 17
3 Dr. J FazlurRahaman Professor BE, MSc Engg., Ph.D 18
4 Dr. Younus Professor BE, M. Tech, Ph.D 12
5 T.M. tajuddinyezdani Associate Professor BE, M. Tech, (Ph.D) 33
6 AzeezullaBaig Associate Professor BE, M.E 30
7 K.S Abdul Aleem Associate Professor BE, M.E 47
8 Dr. Mohammed Zakaulla Associate Professor BE, M. Tech, Ph.D 15
9 Dr. Sundareshan Associate Professor BE, M. Tech, Ph.D 35
10 Abdul Mujeeb N Assistant Professor BE, M. Tech, MBA 23
11 Salim Shareiff Assistant Professor BE, M. Tech, (Ph.D) 06
12 Nadeem Pasha K Assistant Professor BE, M. Tech, (Ph.D) 06
13 Vijaya Kumar. N. J Assistant Professor BE, M. Tech, (Ph.D) 06
14 Muzakkir Khan Assistant Professor BE, M. Tech, (Ph.D) 04
15 Arshiya Sultana Assistant Professor BE, M. Tech 06
16 Sandeep B S Assistant Professor BE, M. Tech 05
17 Younus Pasha Assistant Professor BE, M. Tech, (Ph.D) 05
18 Amreen R Assistant Professor BE, M. Tech 05
19 Dinesh H A Assistant Professor BE, M. Tech 03
20 Harish H Assistant Professor BE, M. Tech, (Ph.D) 08
21 Prashanth D Assistant Professor BE, M. Tech 03
22 Manjunatha N Assistant Professor BE, M. Tech 04
23 Nehal Ahmed Assistant Professor BE, M. Tech, (Ph.D) 10
24 Pavan Kumar D Assistant Professor BE, M. Tech 06
25 Ramachandra Kulkarni Assistant Professor BE, M. Tech, (Ph.D) 04
26 RaahilAzhar Ali Assistant Professor BE, M. Tech 01
27 N M Hashmathulla Assistant Professor BE, M. Tech 30
28 Raviraj K L Assistant Professor BE, M. Tech 03
29 Mohammed Yaseer Pasha Assistant Professor BE, M. Tech Fresher
30 FathimaParveen Associate Professor BE, M. Tech, (Ph.D) 17
31 Farooq Assistant Professor BE, M. Tech 04
32 Mithun M Assistant Professor BE, M. Tech Fresher
33 Tansif Khan Assistant Professor BE, M. Tech 02
34 Mohammed Irfan Assistant Professor BE, M. Tech 08

Faculty Development Programmes(FDP) Conducted:

    FDP- on CAMD - “Computer Aided Machine Drawing” 10th to 12th August 2016

Student Development Programmes(SDP) Conducted:

    Student Development Program on“STIMULATING ENTREPRENEURSHIP SKILLS”16/02/2018“Open to all Streams”

Industrial Visits

    Industrial trip to “KADRA HYDEL POWER PLANT” On 27/09/2018
    Industrial trip to “RAICHUR THERMAL POWER PLANT” On 26/09/2018
    Industrial visit to “MOTHER DIARY” on 05/05/2018
    Industrial visit to “TITAN INDUSTRY” on 21/04/2018
    Industrial trip to “KADRA HYDEL POWER PLANT” On 22/10/2017
    Industrial trip to “RAICHUR THERMAL POWER PLANT” On 2/10/2017
    Industrial trip to “Kadra Hydel Power Plant” On 22/10/2017
    Industrial trip to “Raichur Thermal Power Plant” On 2/10/2017
    Industrial visit to KGTTI, 16/02/2017 and 24/02/2017
    Industrial trip to “Kadra Hydel Power Plant” On -09/09/2015
    Industrial visit to Excel Industries,3rd May 2016
    Industrial visit to IMTMA Technology Center, BIEC, 21/04/2016 to 23/04/2016
    Industrial visit to Genuine Products Bangalore-15/03/2016
    Industrial visit to BFW, Bangalore, 18/02/2016

Best Projects

Year Title of Project Staff Coordinator
2015-16 Theoretical and experimental stress analysis of simple machine elements by FEA and Photo elasticity Prof. TajuddinYeezdani
Design and Fabrication of an Impact fatigue testing machine Prof. TajuddinYeezdani
Performance, Combustion and Emission characteristics of Diesel Engine fuelled with Biodiesel extracted from Bilva and neem seeds. Prof. AmriyaTasneem H R
Wear behaviour of Hard Coatings Prof .AzeezullaBaig
Swing Electricity generation system Prof. Izhar Hussain Khan
2016-17 Electro pneumatic mechanization for Sheet metal operation Prof .AbdulMujeeb N
Experimental investigation of optimal comfort zone of suspension in automobiles Dr. Muzzamil Ahmed S
Design and analysis of natural convection heat transfer in a rectangular finned heat sink Prof .Izhar Hussain Khan
Archimedes spiral wind turbine Prof .Izhar Hussain Khan
Analysis of fuel characteristics and performance parameters of diesel engine using pongamia oil blends Prof. Younus Pasha
2017-18 Voice Actuated Module & Two wheel Portable Cover Prof. MahboobTabriz.B
Design and Fabrication of Multi-Functional Treadmill Multi-Functional Treadmill Prof. NehalAhmad
Autonomous Braking System Prof. Dinesh H A
Design & development of Semi-Automatic Staircase Climbing Wheelchair Prof .AbdulMujeeb N
Automated Guided Vehicle Prof. Sandeep B.S

Various Other Events (Attended/Organized)

    Awareness on the Depletion of Fossil Fuels and Importance of Alternate Fuels (Bio Fuels) 20/12/2018
    “TWO DAYS WORKSHOP ON I.C.ENGINES [HANDS ON EXPERIENCE]”. On 02/11/2018 – 03/11/ 2018
    “TWO DAYS WORKSHOP ON 3D PRINTING [HANDS ON EXPERIENCE]”. On 30/10/2018 –31/10/ 2018
    “Drug Awareness and Prevention Programme” on 18/09/2018
    Induction Program from 01/08/2018 to 18/08/2018
    Intercollegiate Fest “TECH I3” on 13/03/2018 and 14/03/2018
    Project Exhibitions at IMTEX – 2018, BIEC Bengaluru.22/01/2018
    Interdepartmental fest “MASQUERADE TECHNIVAL” on 8th and 09/11/2017
    “One day Workshop on Assembly Viewing on CAMD Course” On 30/08/2017
    “One day Workshop on ISO-9001-2015 Quality Management System” on 25/07/2017
    Interdepartmental fest Tech corona-2 From 27/10/2016 To 28/10/2016
    Seminar conducted on 20/08/2016 “HVAC and Mechanical Electrical Plumbing”.
    Seminar conducted on 18/05/2017 “Reinforcement class on Design of Machine Elements 2”
    Seminar conducted on 08/04/2017 “Industrial Refrigeration”.
    Seminar conducted on 16/03/2017 Title: “Industrial Hazardous Waste Management Control”.
    HKBK College of Engineering, Department of Mechanical Engineering Organized 3 Day Exhibition “Technovation” from 18-11-15 to 21- 11-2015
    IMTMA Workshop on 11/04/2016 “On Job Training & Industrial Opportunities - Challenges”.
    Intercollegiate Fest TECH CORONA-2016 09/03/2016 to 11/03/2016


  • Strategic industry tie-upsFor industry exposure through live projects
  • Facilities for practical learning
  • Good placement opportunities
  • Ranked 5thamong private engineering colleges in India
  • Well-stocked libraries
  • Encouraging ideas
  • Fostering InnovationHKBK students build a formula car
  • World class Innovation Center
  • Green practices
  • State-of-the-art labs for innovation


The placements at HKBK hold an impressive recruitment record since its inception. HKBK students are well placed and are found across industries around the country.