The entire campus of HKBK B-School is wifi enabled providing students access to internet and internet data both indoors and outdoors. The students are required to use internet extensively and submit their assignments in soft form via e-mail. The students are exposed to the latest innovation and leading edge management practices of top Notch organisations through you tube videos.

HKBK College of Engineering has been acclaimed as one of India’s best equipped institutions for technical education w.r.t. the students especially from the practical learning point of view. The HKBK College of Engineering offers the finest laboratory facilities required for today’s young engineers for learning and application of skills. The College has made its best efforts to ensure that laboratories not only adhere to the VTU standards but also match up to the world-class laboratories of pioneering research. Several laboratories are assigned to each Department at HKBK College of Engineering to meet the needs of its branch of learning.