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Post Graduation | | Doctor of Philosophy


2 years

Extra Electives

Certification in Business Management (Analytics) 

Certification in Digital Marketing

Certification in Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Certification in Indian Labour Law

Certification in Logistics  


Program Details

The Master of Business Administration (MBA) programme at HKBK Institutes was set up in the year 1997 with the broad objective to impart professional education and training in various aspects of modern management. This MBA course takes into account the process of preparing a student to master the art of solving business problems.The MBA programme at HKBK Institutes seeks to provide the perfect learning ambiance for budding management professionals. Equipped with highly reputed faculties and one of the best educational facilities, its goal is to spearhead the growth of its students into well-versed and skillful managers of the future.


Prof.  Dr. Jerry John


Associate Professor & Head of the Department (HOD)


The Department of Management Studies at HKBKCE offers an MBA–a postgraduate program to create motivated, innovative, creative, and thinking graduates to fill the roles of managers in the corporate sector who can manage human resources, marketing, finance, and all such related activities to meet the management objectives.

The Master of Business Administration (MBA) program offered at HKBKCE aims to impart functional knowledge of general management and specialized knowledge of the related subjects. The MBA program is affiliated to VTU and offers dual specialization in Marketing, Finance & HR. Our MBA program is inclusive of professional training. It also includes placement training, communication training,  personality development, aptitude, and analytics. These skills will enable our students to match industry expectations, resulting in greater employability of the graduates. The specialization areas include a field-based industry internship program and a dissertation. The Postgraduates in Management Studies are also equipped with the skills, abilities, and knowledge that will enable them to take up positions of higher responsibility & challenges in the corporate world anywhere or to become entrepreneurs.

Create your future at HKBK - HKBKCE affiliated to Visvesvaraya Technological University & Accredited by NAAC, offers you the world-class education which fosters you in shaping your career by molding you according to the competitive world standards. We at HKBK bring out the Entrepreneur in you and prepare you for a better future.

Advantages of an HKBK MBA

  • Dual Specialization with Certification in Business Management
  • Qualified & Experienced faculty 
  • Internship & Project with the Industry
  • Industrial tours & Overseas tours
  • Exposure to guest speakers from the Industry
  • Participation in seminars & conferences
  • Opportunities in research & consultancy works
  • Intensive training in soft skills


Beyond Classroom
Our Key differentiating features from other MBA programs is we focus on providing traditional classroom learning in combination with hands-on learning through our various experiential based courses

Global Community
The connections frosted from national and international individuals during the program translate the lifelong friendship & business opportunities across the world.

Industrial Exposure
With regular industrial visits the students are able to identify the prospective area of work. This also gives students a platform to enhance their interpersonal; skills. The students get to see the best practices opted by different companies for similar work.



The program is designed to create dynamic budding managers for the corporate world. Business education worldwide is going through a transformation as opportunities become global and companies' sources of employments are plenty across the globe. We at HKBKCE provide students with relevant education and skills. We are happy to provide the students with good education and infrastructural facilities at global standards in order to be globally successful. The students here, not only go out with a qualification, but leave the college as dynamic global citizens, they are prepared to play prominent role in the walks of like they choose. 


HKBK has a very strong engagement with industry partners. A large number of companies from across diverse set of industries hire our students from different programs of HKBK Group for different business, technology and so on.



  • To create an academic excellence in the field of management with the purpose of fulfilling the industry requirements through holistic development of the future performers, who also become good citizens, and possess right knowledge, skills, attitude towards professional & personal life


  • To promote a learning that welcomes and honours students from diverse cultures for involving themselves in acquiring knowledge.
  • To develop entrepreneurs in the field of management.
  • To inculcate the ethical, social & moral values in all our stakeholders.


Admission requirements you'll need to meet for this course.

Graduate from any recognized University with an aggregate of 50% marks and above.

60 percentile or above in KMAT / CAT / MAT / GMAT / XAT.



Apollo Hospitals


Jaro Education


Harman International

Blue Dart


Indian Students International Students
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Semester 1

  • Management and Organisation Behaviour
  • Managerial Economics
  • Accounting for Managers
  • Business Statistics
  • Marketing Management
  • Managerial Communication

Semester 2

  • Human Resource Management
  • Financial Management
  • Research Methodology
  • Operations Research
  • Strategic Management
  • Entrepreneurship Development & Legal Aspects

Semester 3

Dual Specialisation

  • Emerging Exponential Technologies
  • Technology & Operational Strategy
  • Electives 1 from specialisation
  • Electives 2 from specialisation
  • Electives 1 from specialisation
  • Electives 2 from specialisation
  • Organisation Study (Mini Project) and Viva-Voce

Semester 4

Dual Specialisation 

  • Electives 1 from specialisation
  • Electives 2 from specialisation
  • Electives 3 from specialisation
  • Electives 1 from specialisation
  • Electives 2 from specialisation
  • Electives 2 from specialisation
  • Dissertation Viva-Voce

Industry Immersion:

To enable the students to keep pace with changing technological advances, the college has industrial tie-ups with various industries. Studying these courses  would provide a WILD CARD entry to industry.

Course Outcomes MBA - (VTU)

MBA First Year - Course Outcome


More details about the course

Every organization needs sound management. Hence, the graduate could obtain gainful employment in all sectors of industry, and in non-governmental Organisations. The graduate can also choose to become an entrepreneur. Careers are possible also in small and large Organisations, in high-tech as well as low-tech companies, and in any part of the world.

Business communication

Personality development


Creativity and innovation

Adventure learning program

Etiquette & mannerism

Accent neutralization

Leadership & Team building exercises

Negotiation skill

Biz realty simulations

Conflict management

Stress management

Lateral thinking

Capability management

Simulation & presentation skills

Listening skill development

Current affairs

Mock interviews

Corporate social responsibilities

Case analytics

Entrepreneurship development program

Business incubation

Business analytics certification program

Six sigma green belt certification program

Digital marketing certification

Live project management

PEO 1: The Graduates will possess professional skills for employment and lifelong learning in management.

PEO 2: Graduates would have attained a general level of competence in management and to enable them to act with creative, innovative and entrepreneurial potentials with management tools.

PEO3: Graduates will adapt to a rapidly changing environment with learned and applied new skills and become socially responsible and value driven citizens committed to sustainable development.

PO 1: Students are given sufficient theoretical knowledge and are enabled to apply them to solve practical problems in business and other organizations/institutions of importance

PO 2: Students are provided effective communication skills with a high degree of lateral and critical thinking that enhances learn ability, developed for being continuously employable.

PO 3: Students are instilled with leadership qualities, ethically sound, enabled with decision making skills that reflect a high degree of social consciousness

PO 4: Students are trained for sustained research orientation to comprehend a growingly complex, economic, legal and ethical environment 5. Students are equipped with self sustaining entrepreneurship qualities that encourages calculated risk taking.


Leadership Skills: Students should be able to document their participation in, &  contribution to, student organizations, business or consulting projects, internship opportunities, or other MBA sanctioned initiatives.

Critical Thinking and Problem Solving: Students can apply the perspective of their chosen specialised area of study to develop fully-reasoned opinions on such contemporary issues as the need for innovation, integrity, leading and managing change, globalization, and technology management

Teamwork: Students should be able to determine the effectiveness with which goals are defined and achieved in team environments, to assess the contributions made by themselves as well as by their peers within those environments, and to identify and resolve conflicts.

Ethics: Apply ethical principles and commit to professional ethics and responsibilities and norms of the engineering practice.

Entrepreneurial Perspective: Students should be able to identify, assess and shape entrepreneurial opportunities and to evaluate their potential for business success.

Global Perspective: Students should be able to demonstrate their ability to assess and evaluate the dynamic internal and external elements of the competitive global environment

Want more information about the department of MBA - (VTU)? Contact Us

Prof. Dr. Jerry John

Associate Professor & HOD

Department of Management Studies

Mobile: +91 8971080186

Email: [email protected]


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HKBK – MBA Colleges in Bangalore – Read More Content

Pursuing a master’s degree is a way of acquiring advanced skills, developing leadership qualities, and a perception that can enable you to solve various business problems. It is an investment to enlarge your potential and build a rewarding career in your life. However, if you have done with your bachelor’s degree and want to step ahead with your post- graduation, then Master of Business Administration (MBA) can transform your career in the best way. Furthermore, HKBK is also known as one of the best MBA Colleges in Bangalore and offers you a varied range of specialization programs.

With experienced professionals and doctorates, HKBK is renowned to have the best faculty and thus, enables you to learn deeper in a well-versed and skillful way. The main goal behind handpicking experienced faculty is to enable students to experience the perfect learning ambiance. Furthermore, one can pursue an MBA degree in various specialization sectors like Marketing, Finance, and Human Resources (HR). Therefore, you can specialize your knowledge in any of these related subjects or undergo dual specialization programs.

However, getting an MBA degree from any of the top MBA colleges in Bangalore can widespread your career opportunities. Some of the major advantages that you will be experiencing after completion of your MBA degree are:

  • It will open new career paths for you – when you have done with your bachelor’s degree and want to do an MBA for a managerial position or want to make a career shift after gaining some years of experience in your core stream; then MBA will do the best for you. It will provide you education and enable you to gain leadership skills through which you can experience the best career growth in your life.
  • Ability to apply for high-position jobs – when you are looking for job opportunities in your stream, there are some positions that need an MBA degree. So, pursue your master’s in the MBA program and achieve your dream career by getting high- position jobs.
  • Hike in your earnings – if we compare the salaries of employees working with their bachelor’s degree with the salaries of employees working with their MBA degree, then you can see a 50% hike for the one working with their MBA. So, your earning potential increases as you get greater responsibilities.
  • Greater job security – Any firm always opens doors for a person with the right knowledge and better skills. So, by pursuing a Master of Business Administration (MBA), you will be able to work at a high-position that has a greater value in your team. Thus, there will be no fear of being left out and even if you leave your job, your qualifications will enable you to get a better job with an increased salary package.

So, join HKBK and complete your masters amid the best learning ambiance with expert faculty. Being famous as the best MBA College in Bangalore, it enables you to experience greater outcomes with a comprehensive learning program. Furthermore, as it has collaborated with the top MNC companies and Fortune 500 companies, you will get the best placement assistance through which you can get the right job for your career growth.

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