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    Want to Be Successful in your Career? Hone your Skills that Industry Hungers!

    • Mar 13, 2021

    In India every year, it is estimated that around 1.4 million students appear in the all-India engineering entrance examination. After pursuing a 4-year degree, the students are expected to be job-ready to enter the industry. Yet, growing competition and expectations from multinational companies have led to student’s failure in acquiring a job. 

    The engineers are assessed based on their overall skills and personality in interviews as the employers want to prefer candidates who are potential leaders and innovators who are capable of shaping the world with their ideas & business acumen.

    An engineer’s role is not just limited to acquiring technical skills, programming knowledge, with sound knowledge of Maths and science, but the current industry needs beyond that.

    Today’s dynamic world in which engineers operate presents them with a multitude of new demands, incessant and profound challenges that confront mankind. Engineers are involved in the implementation, design, application, operation, development as well as management of processes and projects. 

    Though the kind of work that engineers do would vary based on the chosen field of study. Gaining a technical degree from an approved engineering college in Bangalore, India is just not enough for the students to acquire technical knowledge & also possess relevant skills that employers search for.

    What Industry Expect

    The workplaces have changed and most of the engineers working in a multidisciplinary environment. Engineering careers that start at a specialized technical level and later broaden with the rise in the hierarchy. Engineers undergo a paradigm shift from technical to management-oriented and they must acquire an understanding of all the industry aspects in order to manage efficiently. 

    In this multidisciplinary environment, along with their technical specialization, engineers must also learn and administer varied technical and non-technical jobs. The role of engineers and the expectations from the current industry has broadened hence, in order to meet the industrial demands, engineering training & education need to be revised. There is a dire need to inculcate in aspiring engineers a wide range of skills along with regular technical skills. 

    Here we have listed out some of the major expectations of the industry from engineering graduates.

    Industry Skills

    Because engineers operate in diverse industries, some hard skills are crucial for only specific industries. Engineers are creators of almost everything from biology to computer programming, and they just need the technical skills to succeed, based on the complexity of the project and field, more formal education is often required. Some aspects that engineers need to be aware of 

    • computer science

    • programming languages 

    • system design and analysis 

    • statistics 

    • conceptual, logical, or physical data modeling

    • process management 

    • advanced physics 

    • nanotechnology 

    • Structural analysis

    Better Communication Skills

    An aspiring engineer should possess great communication skills if he or she expects to be hired in any good firm or in MNCs.  All theories & laws are of no use if the candidate can’t communicate his thoughts in proper words. 

    Engineering is technical and significantly relies on concise & accurate communication between peers and clients as well. engineers must also have to communicate with people outside of the field, like clients and most of the cases with the general public who don’t have any technical background.

    It is very important that an engineer is able to translate his/her technical knowledge into terms that those within also outside your department can understand. Communication often proves to be one of the most challenging soft skills for engineers due to the high technical demands. Communication complexities need to be broken down into digestible words as well as concepts for your colleagues and managers. HKBK is one of the top 10 computer science engineering colleges in Bangalore that focuses on the latest curriculum, and also offers students advanced training in industry-specific skills. 

    • Emotional intelligence 

    • Active listening

    • Presentation skills

    • Motivation & Negotiation skills

    • Ability to Clarify & Paraphrase.

    Knowledge Beyond Textbooks

    Often firms look for individuals who can look beyond textbooks, curriculum and think brightly. Aspiring engineers need to be very logical and think intellectually. To be an ideal engineering aspirant for global organizations, you should think like an inventor. 

    If a candidate doesn’t embrace curiosity and a love of learning, the candidate is likely to remain in one place while others move forward. Engineers should be ready to adapt to advancements and changes in businesses. 

    Positive Approach

    The job of an engineer is not a piece of cake for every aspirant. It’s the path of several challenges, make them work, bring out the best in you. A positive approach is a must for us in any career and especially in core engineering fields such as chemical, electrical, and mechanical, sometimes the work becomes a salient part. Therefore, along with a positive approach, strong will power is required. 

    Ability to Multitask 

    While the focus is one of the most significant aspects of an engineering career and also other streams, another most important focus is the ability to multitask. An engineer might have to assume several multiple responsibilities at the same time. This might be daunting for an individual whose complete concentration is on a single task and this is where the multitasking factor becomes extremely crucial. 


    Engineers need to be able to work collaboratively with various types of people at varied levels. They need to work with fellow engineers, people outside the department and have to bring the projects to fruition, which is all about the department integration and collaboration. 


    Engineering is mainly about problem-solving and multi-tasking and that means finding innovative ways to apply existing knowledge, which is truly a creative process. For instance, creative writing aids one explore one skill and helps in finding a good career path. And technical write-ups can position an engineer in various leadership duties such as hiring, training. 

    • Project management and problem-solving skills 

    • Digital literacy 

    • Entrepreneurship 

    • Adaptability & Cognitive flexibility 

    • Planning & organizing 

    • Managerial or leadership skills 

    Bottom Line:

    These skills are prerequisites for any engineering aspiring student since 4-year degree acquisition from a top engineering science colleges in Bangalore, India may not ensure a job. However, the combination of an engineering degree along with the aforementioned skills will ensure students meet the high expectation of the organizations. 

    As employers look forward to candidates who are passionate, focused about the profession they aspire to enter. Therefore understand the industry needs, conduct self-analysis regarding technical & interpersonal skills acquisition, and hone your attributes to improve your job prospects.


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