Purchase Committee:


(a) Principal - Chairman

(b) Members - All the respective HODs

(c) Mr. Mohd. Jameel - Manager – Stores


  •    To finalize the quotations received based on the comparative statement prepared.
  •   To call the suppliers for techno economic discussions
  •   Negotiate the rates
  •   Finalize the orders
  •    Order for placing the purchase order.

Grievance Cell Committee:

(a) Mr. Manzoor Ahmed Khan - Chairman

(b) Principal - Member

(c) Prof. Hussain Ahmed - Member

(d) Prof. Shaik Haroon Safdar - Member

(e) Prof.ZahiraTabassum - Member

(f) Office Manager - Member


  •   Conduct the meeting periodically.
  •   Call the parents and the students for the meeting with pre intimation.
  •   Discuss in detail the problems of the students.
  •   Prepare the report to be forwarded to the management for final decision.

Anti Ragging Committee:

(a) Principal - Chairman

(b) Dr.Sanaulla P.F - V.Chairman

(c) All HODs - Members

(d) Local Police Officer - Member

(e) Area Social Worker - Member


  •   To prevent ragging in college including class rooms, canteens, college campus etc., by monitoring and paying regular visits around the campus.
  •   To visit college hostels both boys and girls to curb ragging in the hostels.
  •   Forwarding the names of the students if caught in ragging to the disciplinary committee for further action in this regard.

Anti-Sexual Harrasment Committee:


(a) Prof.Khalikhunnissa - Chairman

(b) Dr.SuraiyaTarannum- Member Secretary

(c) Dr. Syed Mustafa - Observer

(d) Prof.Chandrakala - Member

(e) Prof.Savithri Ramesh - Member

(f) Prof.Adila Begum - Member

(g) Prof.Umme Salma - Member

(h) Prof.Vanaja - Member

(i) Prof.Arshiya - Member


  •   To curb the menace of any incident of sexual harassment either by the students or the staff.
  •   The Committee works for the interest of women employees and the girl students of the institutions to prevent sexual harassment and for development of women staff and students in the college.
  •   This committee will redress the grievances/complaints/suggestions of he girl/lady students/lady staff of the institution.
  •   The male staff/students will have to face the committee and will be interrogated, if found guilty, will be given to policy custody with committee report.
  •   To ensure that victim and witness are not victimized or discriminated because of their complaint.
  •   To give prompt report in writing about the receipt of any obscene/intimidating/provoking/vulgar/hate emails/SMS etc to the committee in writing with the evience.
  •   In case of any critical situation to call the head of the institution for support.

Malpractice Committee:


(a) Dr.Chandrakumar K - Chairman

(b) Dr. Abu Sayeed Mohammed - Member

(c) Prof.TajuddinYezdani - Member

(d) Dr.SuraiyaTaranum - Member


  •   To conduct the meeting with prior intimation to the student involved in malpractice.
  •   To conduct a thorough enquiry into the incident of the malpractice as reported by the invigilator/examiner/squad and produce the report to the management for taking suitable action.
  •   If require suitable punishment may be given by the committee at their level.
  •   Take an undertaking from the student that he/she will not involve himself/herself into such practice in future.

Entrepreneur Development Cell Central Committee:


(a) Mr. C. M. Faiz Mohammed – Director - Defacto Chairman

(b) Dr.MuzzamilAhamed - Principal - Permanent Invitee

(c) Mrs. SherleySunitha - HR - Chief Coordinator

(d) Prof.NeelamMalyadri - Prof. CSE - Member

(e) Prof. Shaik Imam - Prof.ECE - Member

(f) Prof.SaleemSharieff - Prof.ECE - Member

(g) Prof. Shaik Haroon - HOD EEE - Member

(h) Prof. Abdul Lathief - Prof.Civil - Member


  •   To Create an entrepreneurship culture in the institution.
  •   To Infuse entrepreneurship culture in students so that they can find self-employment and contribute to socio economic development activities.
  •   To help in building up entrepreneurship skills in students so that they can start enterprises and create employment for the fellow colleagues.
  •   To offer a module on entrepreneurship development.
  •   To develop incubation center to facilitate the interested entrepreneurs to test and simulate the ideas.
  •   To create an awareness on entrepreneur opportunities to local communities.

Sports & NSS Committee:


(a) Dr.MuzzamilAhamed - Principal - Defacto Chairman

(b) Dr. Arshad Pasha - Phy.Edu.D - Sports & NSS Officer

(c) All HODs - Members

(d) Prof. Shaik Imam - Prof.ECE Member

(e) Prof.Mohd. Imran - Prof.CSE Member

(f) Prof.Fakkruddin - Prof. CSE Member


  •   Sports Functions: This is a major activity involving and requiring the coordination with the various agencies including the University and the Government. The Committee has a major role to play in advising all important sports matters in planning, organizing and also budgeting for various events.
  •   NSS Functions: To work with and among people:
    (1) To engage in creative and constructive social action.
    (2) To enhance his/her knowledge of himself./herself and the community through a confrontation with reality.
    (3) To put his/her scholarship to practical use in mitigating at least some of the social problems.
    (4) To gain skills in programme development to enable him/her to get employment.
    (5) To gain skills in the exercise of democratic leadership.
    (6) To provide facilities to the students to have physical, social, emotional and intellectual development.

IQAC Committee:


(a) Dr.MuzammilAhamed S - Chief Coordinator

(b) Prof. Hussain Ahmed - Coordinator

(c) Dr. R. Loganathan - Member

(d) Dr. Syed Mustafa - Member

(e) Dr. Syed Abu Sayeed Mohammed - Member

(f) Prof. Shaik Haroon Safdar - Member

(g) Prof.Mahboob Tabriz - Member


  •   Development and application of quality benchmarks/parameters in various activities of the institution.
  •   Dissemination of information on quality aspects.
  •   Organization of discussions, workshops, seminars and promotion of quality circles.
  •   Recording and monitoring quality measures of the institution.
  •   Acting as a nodal agency of the institution for quality-related activities.
  •   Preparation of the Annual Quality Assurance Report.


Sarika M

"I don't know whether it's my Privilege or luck but I am feeling greatful to be a part of this institution. Being Management Student I Observed Very Charismatic Campus, Where Chairman, Administrator, and Director is very passionate and I also found a knowledge bank in the minds of my Industrious Lecturers and the students being Robust to Learn at any time in this Beautiful Environment."

Lubna Saleem

Andra Pradesh
"An institution is the home of learning new thing in life. Getting good education, Getting around things done in a professional way. As an MBA student of HKBK college of engineering I would like to educate my self by learning new things and would like to grab opportunities as it comes on my way, show case my talents and strengths inside as well as outside the college campus. Last but not the least."

Noor Fathima

"Life at HKBK MBA is a way of life in addition to our regular classes we also have group discussion (G.D), forum activities and communication and presentation skills classes which on to mould our personality this not only makes us brighten our future but also leads us to the path of glory which we youngsters dream."


"I have been interested in engineering, before joining HKBKCE I really wasn't focused infect I felt something was missing in what I pursued. Thanks to my cousin, he had said that HKBKCE was a great place and would be the right channel to pursue my ambition. Looking back he was not exaggerating. As I work toward my future I realize what was the missing component in my life, as a restless person by nature."

L Anil Kumar

Andra Pradesh
"I still remember the day I first set foot here. I was nervous and in fact skeptical about my career choice. From that point till this day I must say that I have grown to love my career decision and I see myself as a confident achiever. Thanks to the friendly environment and supportive lectures, of course various extra-curricular activities, my college, have not only helped me build a strong academic record and also strengthen my personality."

Arpana Sharleen

"Since I am from Bangalore, I decided to pursue my technical education from an eminent engineering college. Meanwhile I was informed about some leading institutions including HKBK College. Subsequent to campus visits came the final decision of enrollment. In retrospect I think it was a good decision."